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Following the publication of the annual increase of Water in March 2019 (See Here>>>>>>) and with schools already receiving their Invoices for August, we confirm the Average Cost of Water for Schools in Johannesburg is now R69.02 per KL including Sewage Charges.

As can be seen from the above graph, Suntricity has tracked the Evolution of Water Cost in Johannesburg since 2012. For the year 2019, Water/Sewage has increased by approximately 12.07%.

Bearing in mind the Average Water Consumption, this will impact your schools as follows:

Primary School: Average Consumption per Annum 5,500 KL: New Cost ±R379,630.00 (From R338,745.00)


Secondary/High School: Average Consumption per Annum 11,060 KL: New Cost ±R763,400.00 (From R681,185.00)


It's actually worth noting that Water/Sewage has effectively increased by 142% on the 2012 value and will no doubt continue this upward trend for the foreseeable future.