A powerful online database application, which analyses Municipal Electricity and Water invoices
providing clear Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks, aimed at saving costs.


Suntricity is totally aware that the invoices being provided by schools is at minimum, of a sensitive nature. It's not that the information is not in the public is. However, the data provided is solely destined to provide valuable information to schools, in order to affect change and save money.

We therefore guarantee that:

  • The invoices provided by the schools are confidential and will be treated as such.
  • All data uploaded to the FirstLook™ Online Platform is Confidential to the individual school.
  • Suntricity shall not publish nor circulate nor identify the details of any individual school for any reason whatsoever.
  • All data is stored on a secure server.

We do however publish the collective data of all schools on the database on the "Home Page" of the FirstLook™ Platform, and we will publish data of the consumption of individual schools, although the details of no individual school can be identified.

We take this responsibility very seriously and understand the level of trust that comes with it.