Real-Time Monitoring

Generating Real-Time Data, Tracking Consumption
and Creating Key Performance Indicators for Electricity and Water

Monitoring Consumption

Real-Time Electricity Monitoring

In order to understand the solution, we need to understand the problem.

Electricity and Water consumption is "metered" by the "Utility" (generally the Municipality) and from these meters, invoices are sent to Customers.

The consumption in kWh (electricity) and KL (water) directly correlates to a cost. Therefore, in order to make savings, we need to understand consumption patterns (where and when electricity and water is being consumed) and to then determine the most cost effective and efficient solution, to make savings.

The vast majority of people would not know the kWh & KL consumption of their home or business, nor would they know the cost per kWh (which may varies as a result of consumption) and may even not know the amount being spent each month.

It therefore becomes crucial that before we can start to be efficient, we need to understand what we consume.

We do this by MONITORING.

Suntricity has, over the last 3-years, focused specifically on the Education Sectors, through monitoring Electricity and Water consumption, which enables us to understand consumption patterns, from which we are able to provide the precise solutions to each individual problem.